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Norma Bingley
7 km north of Perth on Hwy 11

Old fashioned charm of yesteryear greets you as you walk in this new store. But there is nothing old about it. One of the most attractive stores supporting the local market offering a wide variety of items including:
• homemade ice cream with local flavours
• local meats and cheeses
• local maple syrup and honey
• locally roasted coffee
• local garlic
• local vinegars and oils
• local jams, pickles and sauces
• local goat milk soaps and natural skin care products
and just about everything else 'gourmet' you can think of! Come in and tempt your taste buds with some local flavours and discover our newest offerings. You never knew Lanark County could taste so good!


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Diana and Ron Coutts
1230 Port Elmsley Road (corner of County Road 1 and Port Elmsley Road)

Coutts Country Flavours Store is all about local. Now in its fourth year, Coutts offers a variety of products ranging from frozen meats including beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, bison, emu and elk, to ready-to-eat meals (made with ingredients from the farm), and fresh produce grown by more than 21 area farmers. Everything in the store is sourced as close to home as possible. Diana and Ron have obtained organic certification for their farm. They produce certified organic Belgian blue beef, maple syrup and vegetables. Diana also makes baked goods, and preserves and jams sweetened with their own syrup. Diana is always looking for new producers and growers who can supply products to meet growing customer demand.
Hours of Operation:
Wednesday to Saturday 10 am to 6 pm,  Sundays 11 am to 5 pm.

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106 Wilson Street West

Foodsmiths, in Perth, Ontario, is one of Canada’s leading natural food stores and the largest of its type in Eastern Canada. From its inception in 1976, Foodsmiths has steadily expanded to provide a complete shopping experience that includes a full range of fresh produce, natural and specialty grocery products, deli and bakery items, nutritional supplements, and natural beauty care. Our philosophy is to promote and make available choices that support an informed and healthy lifestyle while providing support through our various charitable programs to those in greater need.
Foodsmiths is a destination for local products and the highest quality produce in the region. We have always placed a high priority on dealing as locally as possible and appreciate that consumers understand the importance of shopping close to home. As a small business we can better partner with our local small business suppliers without placing unreasonable demands and pressures on them as can often occur when dealing with large conglomerates. We want local producers to succeed, so we will do all that we can to accomplish this and will offer advice on marketing and business practices. We want our relationship to be mutually beneficial. We are a supporter of many small Ontario producers and local suppliers in general. This includes a wide variety of products that we define as local, such as; fresh produce (in season), honey, maple syrup, locally made chocolates, gluten-free products, locally roasted coffee, brown wrapped meat, books, magazines, candles, plus much more. We use a 100 mile radius as our definition of Local following in the footsteps of the landmark book entitled “The 100 Mile Diet”. Many large grocery stores define Local as being produced within their respective province.
The store implements some of the best ideas of the grocery industry, yet maintains true customer service, which has earned Foodsmiths highlighted recognition from several different organizations. Foodsmiths has been a local and organic choice since 1976. Enjoy an online tour of our store and shop our website at Or better yet, come and visit us in beautiful historic Perth!

Local Products that are available year round: Locally-produced beef, bison, chicken, lamb, turkey, cheese, eggs, gluten-free products, baked goods, maple syrup, honey, fresh fudge, candles and many new products as they become available.
Local Products that are available seasonally: fiddleheads, morales, wild leeks, rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries, apples, pears, corn, string beans, squash, chard, cucumbers, potatoes, parsnips, garlic, salad mix, tomatoes, chives, herbs, flower bouquets.

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Wendy Banks
613-928-2477 Fax: 613-928-2177 Cell: 613-561-2177
#408 Fortune Line Rd. R.R. #2 Lyndhurst, ON K0E 1N0 located between Morton at Hwy #15 and Lyndhurst Rd.

In 2007, Wendy Banks and her husband Rick Trudeau created a unique delivery service providing area restaurants and individuals with locally produced food and value added products.  The business developed as Wendy became more concerned for the future of area farmers. She felt compelled to better inform consumers about their food sources.  Combined with Rick’s experience as a courier, they are able to serve an extensive area stretching from Merrickville to Picton. 
Responding to consumer demand led the local couple to transform a school house built in the late 1800’s into an old fashioned country market fittingly called Wendy’s Country Market. The 1100 square foot building on Wendy’s parent’s farm, Corn Acre Farms, is filled with food grown and produced locally. The list of products is impressive and includes items from over 40 local farmers and artisans. They welcome and will answer any questions regarding the production practices used for any of the products they sell, because…”we care about what you eat.”
Wendy understands better than most, the importance of healthy food sources as she deals daily with a compromised immune system and multiple sensitivities. Wendy and Rick who grow a wide variety of chemical free vegetables and herbs on their own farm look forward to providing healthy wholesome food for your family.

Locally-produced beef, bison, chicken, lamb, turkey, and cheese, eggs, in season veggies, gluten-free products, bake goods, syrup, honey, fresh fudge, and homemade preserves.  Delivery available throughout the year.