youth centre gardens

Youth Centre Gardening Initiatives

With the help of Lanark Local Flavour, the kids at three Lanark County Youth Centres - Lanark Highlands, TYPS in Almonte and YAK in Perth - have been cultivating their green thumbs through the creation and nurturing of their own community gardens.

Growing whatever combination of vegetables and flowers they choose, these gardens have become a focal point of each centre's activities. From starting seedlings and actually constructing the gardens, to transplanting, mulching, weeding and harvesting, the youth have had the chance to acquaint themselves with virtually all aspects of growing.

And the learning hasn't ended there. Community dinners have been held, featuring the food grown in their gardens, pie making and canning workshops have been organized, and trips are planned to visit and learn from area market gardeners.

In some cases, the membership of these gardens has increased to include other individuals or groups in their communities. Contact the one closest to you and see how you can get involved!

Lanark Highlands Youth Centre
Warren McMeekin, Executive Director 613-259-2012
garden location: 61 Princess Street, side yard,. Lanark Village

YAK Youth (Perth)
Tanis Cowan, Executive Director 613-264-8381
garden location: Old Perth Shoe Factory, 1 Sherbrooke Street, Perth