What’s It All About?

When you buy “fresh” vegetables or fruit from the grocery store, even in-season, that food may have traveled over 2000 km to get to your plate. This uses up a lot of fossil fuel. It takes 435 calories of energy, for example, to transport a 7-calorie strawberry from California to Perth.
ecoPerth, a community group dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, actively supports Lanark Local Flavour. Buying locally-produced goods such as fruits, vegetables, plants, syrup, and honey not only benefits not only you and your family, it also helps to sustain our community, our local economy, and the planet.
Local Flavour is all in the timing!
The harvest chart below shows when you can expect to see locally-produced products at Farmers’ Markets, farm gates, and in food stores and restaurants. Some items such as meat and eggs are available all year round.
Wait for local items to become available and take the opportunity to buy in bulk or preserve some to use later in the year.

 Local Flavour Harvest Chart